Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

bye, bye maikätzchenVI

At first we should thank all the important people who helped us out in so many different ways. Ok, huge group-hugs go out to:
WÖRN-DAUERFEUER for beeing a great dude and doing all the sweet artwork for us.
CALENBERGER RADKULTUR for helping us out with money, time, checkpoint, gifts and laughs!
SEB.-AURORA for beeing a super last minute sponsor, a cool guy and a tough bar-keeper!
HAMBURGER BOTSCHAFT, STUMPF and all  the cool shops wich gave great prices: BIKERS BASE, FIXEDLAB, SINGLESPEEDSHOP, TITUS and again CR & AURORA.
FABIAN for being a great dj with a lot of patience!
No, we wont forget you, all of you awesome boys and girls doing the checkpoints and other important stuff, without you this would not worked out so well! Thanx.

Interested in the whole ranking (alleycat, main-race, polo)? Click HERE.

We´re still waiting for the pictures of the professionals.
As soon as i get all pix together you can find them here..
HERE you can download the other pictures.

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